Donor Artificial Insemination (DAI)

DAI (Donor Artificial Insemination) is an option for women who wish to become pregnant but are single or part of a same-sex couple. They choose this treatment because of its short duration, well tolerance, successful results and low cost, compared to other reproduction techniques.

What does ID consist of?

The first step consists of undergoing through a mild stimulation during the ovulation period so as to increase the chances of pregnancy. Even though medication has to be injected, it can be easily administrated by the same patient. The treatment lasts between five and twelve days. During this period, the patient will have to be seen from one to four times for an ultrasound monitoring and hormone tests. Once the ovary is ready, ovulation is provoked so the ovule and the day of insemination coincide. The sperm donor insemination technique is based on setting the vaginal speculum -as in a gynaecologist check-up-, introducing a very thin canula to the uterus and inyected the sperm sample through it. The technique is not painful and no rest is needed.

Is there side effects or risks?

During the first hours after the insemination, the woman may have mild abdominal discomfort and may notice the appearance of a slight vaginal secretion that, occasionally, may be stained with blood. The appearance of complications is rare with the ovarian stimulation protocol followed in our center.

The development of an ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (important retention of fluids, generally in the abdomen) due to ovarian stimulation is very exceptional. The risk of multiple pregnancies is less than 10 %.

What is the success rate?

The chance of pregnancy is in inverse proportion to the woman’s age. However, the pregnancy rate is higher than the CAI because the woman who receives a sperm sample from a donor does not normally have fertility problems. Generally, we recommend up to six DAI before thinking about changing the treatment.

How can a DAI treatment can be arranged if I do not live in Barcelona?

Living away from Barcelona is not a problem at all. However, it is essential to arrange a first appointment in our center in order to evaluate the medical history and indicate the appropriate treatment. Once it starts, the monitoring visits can be done anywhere else -as long as they are done by an experienced doctor. The results from the external visits will have to be sent so our medical team can evaluate them and, consequently, adapt the medication regimen. The insemination will take place in our center at an agreed date.