Natural cycle IVF

When is Natural Cycle IVF recommended?

This technique is an option for those women who have had poor response to ovarian stimulation treatments. It consists of using the woman’s oocytes in order to increase the chances of pregnancy. It could also be an option for those pacients who cannot undergo to an ovarian stimulation because of a medical contraindication, as in those who have a disease.

For those pacients who years ago would have been orientated to an ovodonation treatment, Natural cycle IVF offers the possibility of achieving pregnancy with their own gametes.

How many Natural Cycles IVF can be done? Is it necessary to wait a while between treatments?

There is not a maximum number of natural cycles that can be done. However, we know for fact that after 6 unsuccessful attempts, the chance of pregnancy is very low.

Since there is no hormone stimulation, if pregnancy is not achieved, another treatment can be carried out with the following cycle.