Embryo donation

What does this process consist of? Where do embryos come from? Who is this treatment recommended to?

Embryo donation is a process in which couples who have gone through an In vitro Fertilisation and have frozen embryo in storage do not want to transfer them because either their wish has already come true or their situation has changed. These couples donate their embryo anonimously so they can be transferred to another woman. These embryos have been criopreserved following current European regulations for this type of procedures.

Which medication needs to be taken?

The embryos receptor woman has to undergo hormone treatment so as to prepare the endometrium with an oral medication or with transdermal patches during 10-15 days until the transfer is due. This treatment is similar to the one in which own frozen embryo are received.

Embryo transfer follows the same procedure as In vitro Fertilisation.

What are the chances of pregnancy?

The chances of pregnancy are good with the a transfer of two embryos. The rates are about 30%-35%.

Does it have any side effect? Is there any risk?

There are neither severe side effects nor relevant risks during the treatment. Sometimes, patients may feel a light liquid retention due to medication, but it gets better when the treatment is over.

How can an embryo donation be arranged if I do not live in Barcelona?

Living away from Barcelona is not a problem at all. However, it is essential to arrange a first appointment in our center in order to evaluate the medical history and indicate the appropriate treatment. Once it starts, the monitoring visits can be done anywhere else -as long as they are done by an experienced doctor in the assisted reproduction field. The results from the external visits will have to be sent so our medical team can evaluate them and, consequently, adapt the medication regimen. Once the transfer has been programmed, it will be carried out in our center.