Who we are?

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FIVclinic is the Assisted Reproduction Unit of Hospital Clínic Group de Barcelona. Hospital Clínic is currently considered to be as one of the best university hospitals in our country, in terms of assistance, teaching and research. Within this high institutional level, FIVclinic has facilities and equipment, which are of the most advanced technology, and are at its clients’ disposal in extended opening hours.

FIVclinic provides to its clients with an integral, specialised and a highly personalised care oriented to achieve pregnancy in those couples with sterility and infertility problems or women without a masculine partner. Our oocyte and sperm donation programs allow us to help many women to accomplish their main objective: becoming mothers.

All of this to grant our project a seal of scientific rigor, quality and excellence which is at our clients’ disposal and it is our best gurantee.

We wish and we can help you. Trust us.


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