What is EmbryoScope?

The EmbryoScope is an equipment based on an incubator -designed for human embryo culture- and a system to capture images (or “time lapse”) that films a video thanks to an specific software, that allows to analyse the imatges in a restrospective way.

Why is it better? What does it offer?

The uninterrupted record of the embryo evolution, from the fertilisation to the blastocyst, allows to analyse how and when certain predictive cellular activites take place at the implantation stage. The information obtained from morphokinetic parameters enables to stablish algorithm used for the selection of those embryos with a greater pottential in terms of implantation. Embryoscope is an equipment designed for embryo culture in the best possible conditions, as well as a constant way of registration of images with the best warranties when it comes to the ligth exposition of the embryo.

Which patients can benefit from Embryoscope?

According to the tools that allow the constant recording system of the embryo and the incubator characteristics, EmbryoScope could be applied in any patient, however, the patients who can benefit the most are those with a low number of good quality embryos.