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Many couples with fertility problems resort to the use of donnor gametes in order to have a child. Donation is a generous act and It allows many of these couples to achieve their ultimate dream: Becoming parents.


I also want to be a donor!


Couples treatments

Most of the disorders that couples may have, which accounts or contributes to the low fertility, can be diagnosed by clinical examinations and have a treatment. Knowing the real clinical situation allows us to guide the couple to the different treatments.

Partner insemination
In vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
Natural cycle

Women treatments

We have a sperm donor bank for those women whitout a male partner who want to have a child. Besides the donation, it is necessary to apply an assisted reproduction technique, either an artifitial insemination or an Invitro Fertilisation cycle.

Donor Artifitial Insemination
In vitro Fertilisation with sperm donor
Embryo reception

Other treatments

FIVclínic offers a wide range of essential and complementary assisted reproduction services thanks to be part of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, which is considered one of the most well-regarded international hospitals in Spain.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis
Testicular biopsy
Sperm cryopreservation
IHV testing

Sterility testing

Medical investigation of infertility should involve both the man and the woman. In case of pathological results, the sterility testing may help to identify the most appropiated treatment. Although it has been simplified considerably over the years, there is a minimum of essencial tests required.


Fertility preservation

Our specialists use the most innovated techniques in the sexual cells preservation for those pacients who want to preserve their fertility because they do not want to have a child yet or for those young pacients who are being treated for cancer and want to avoid the adverse effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Fertility preservation program in women at risk
Fertility preservation for other reasons. Vitrification